Our services: design and installation of roof, roof repairs and cleaning from snow, installation of gutters

Krovlya112 Company focuses on the following types of services on the territory of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region:

1. Designing and approval:

  • geodetic works;
  • designing of country houses and cottages;
  • designing of roofs of residential and industrial buildings and structures;
  • designing of roof structures and systems;
  • approval of roof designs;
  • legal support at any stage of construction.

2. Construction and installation roofing works:

  • arrangement of attic floors;
  • installation of rafter constructions made of wood, concrete and metal;
  • arrangement and installation of roofs and roofing;
  • installation of roof structures and systems;
  • installation of protruding and recessed balconies;
  • installation of interfloor overlapping and additional strengthening of buildings;
  • installation of transparent roofs;
  • installation of energy-saving roofs.

3. Repair works on roofs:

  • overhaul repairs of roofs and roof covering;
  • partial repairs of roofs of any type;
  • elimination of leakage of roofs;
  • elimination of dormer leakage;
  • sealing of roofing;
  • repair of gutters and gutter trunks;
  • painting of roofs;
  • restoration of roofing.

4. Roof energy saving;

5. Service maintenance and cleaning of roofs.


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