Repair of the house roof

Repair of the house roof

Our company produces the following types of roofing repair works:

  • overhaul repair of roofs;
  • partial repair of any types of roofing:
    • repair of a soft roof of melting and rolled materials;
    • repair of a metal seam roof;
    • repair of a profiled sheet roof;
    • repair of a metal tile roof;
    • repair of ceramic and sand-cement tile roofing;
    • repair of shingle roofing.
  • elimination of roofing leakage;
  • elimination of dormer leakage;
  • sealing of roofing;
  • repair of gutters;
  • painting of roofs;
  • restoration of roofing.

Repair of the tile roofHouse roof repair is a complex of roofing works aimed at elimination of defects of the roof and roof covering without changing the design and performance characteristics of the roof. In other words, if you eliminate the leak in the roof, replace the old rotten beams and rafters with new ones, that is a repair of the roof. If you decide to change your roof covering, e.g. metal to ceramic tiles and insulate the attic, it's called not roof repair but replacement of roof covering with insulation of the attic. Installation of additional equipment on the roof, such as downpipes and gutters, snow barriers and lightning protection and so on, has no relation to the repairing of the roofs.

Let’s consider the repair of the roof and difficulties associated with it. Everyone who has a roof over his head faces the problem of its repair sooner or later.

Indication for repair of the roof can be a group of symptoms. First, the penetration of precipitation into the building through a leaky roof. Secondly, break of the roof insulation and, consequently, loss of heat or coolness. Thirdly, the natural aging of the roof structure. Adverse conditions, requiring both partial and overhaul repairs of the roof of the building, are numerous, ranging from discomfort to aesthetic appearance and safety reasons.

Types of house roof repairs

Repair of the country house roofTypes of roof repairs can be considered based on several aspects. Type of the roof repair – overhaul or partial one; the roof type – metal double-pitch roof (tile, metal tiles, with a soft roof covering), flat roof with a soft roof covering, and others. Repair of the building roof according to the type of repair can be formally divided into overhaul roof repairs, partial roof repairs, cosmetic roof repairs, repair of gutters (and other) roof systems.

Overhaul repairs of the building roof is demanded in case of critical condition of the roof supporting constructions, such as beams, rafters, boarding, cement backing, or (and) if it’s necessary to replace the most part of the roofing. The overhaul repair of the building roof often implies disassembling of the entire structure of the roof. The roofing (tin, tiles, roofing felt) is the first to be removed, then they remove the boarding together with heat and vapor insulation materials, then follows dismantling of beams and rafters, cement base. Overhaul repairs of the building roof imply replacement of old construction elements with new ones. The roof assembling is in the reverse order of disassembling. The overhaul repair of the roof requires additional measures to improve the performance of the roof. This implies impregnation of wooden constructions with fireproof materials, arrangement of vapor-proofing sealing of the roof.

In case of partial repair of the roof it’s often sufficient to replace small sections of roofing, sometimes partially replacing the roof boarding. Roof works in case of partial roof repair are carried out to fix the leaks, patching holes, replacing open seams – that is to seal the roofing. In case of cosmetic repair of the roof neither roofing nor framings are replaced. The primary aim of these works is to give aesthetic appearance to the roof. In case of cosmetic repairs the roof is first cleaned, then minor defects are eliminated and the roof is painted and covered with protective coat having different properties.


Features of different types of roofs repair

Repair of a soft roofIn case of double-pitch roof repair special attention must be paid to the condition of the rafter supporting structures, and when replacing the roof covering with another, it is important to consider the angle of the roof slope and the degree of tightness of the roofing. When repairing seam roofing, it is important to check the tightness of connections of metal sheets. The metal tiles roofing repair includes replacement of the sheet metal, detection of loose roofing screws and sealing the joints of roofing. The workers repairing the roof of natural tiles should pay attention to proper laying of the individual elements of tiling and cracks, causing leakage and destruction of roof covering. When replacing the roofing sheets of slate and similar items, it is important to correctly join the elements.

Repair of flat roofs overwhelmingly covered with a rolled roofing material, is different from the repair of pitched roofs. First, old layers of roofing are removed, then the condition of the base is checked. If necessary the base is restored arranging little slopes to the rainwater drains. When repairing rolled roofing material, several insulation layers (as a rule two layers) are to be arranged. These layers are fused together using a gas burner, forming a single waterproof roofing. Likewise the mastic roofing is to be repaired: first, the roofers remove the old roof covering, then produce reinforcement (if necessary), then comes the application of various mastic compositions. In this case, problematic places can be angles, pipes, various irregularities on the surface of the roof. One should pay more attention to such places as these are the places which in the future may experience leakage.


The cost of the roof repair

Repair of the house roofAs to the cost of the roof repair, it should be considered in a separate article. The only thing should be mentioned here – one should pay extra money for the roof repair if the works are to be done in bad weather conditions. The repair of the house roof demands certain conditions. The first one is temperature limitation and lack of precipitation. It’s not recommended to install mastic and asphalt roofs at both low and extremely high temperatures. The roof repair is not recommended during intense precipitation, either snow or rain. The moisture penetrated into the insulation or base of the roof will violate the thermal conductivity, cause adverse destructive processes. Thus, the most favorable time for carrying out roofing repairs is the period from April to October inclusive. In winter time the least negative consequences arise when repairing metal roofs.

Carrying out roof repairs, it's important to consider all possible changes and additional elements one may want to install on the roof. For example, during installation of dormer windows it is important to consider the ratio of the distance between the rafters and the size of future windows. When mounting antennas on the roof, it is important to prepare a hole for the cable beforehand.

Of course, the house roof repair is a task that requires accurate preliminary calculation, taking into account the features of the roof and location of buildings, proper qualification of the roofers. Thus, the roof repair should be trusted only to professionals. The specialists of Krovlya112 Company will work out an optimal strategy for your house roof repair and will perform any roofing works.


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