Installation of the roof

Installation of the roof

Type of worksUnit of measureCost (RUR)
Roofing works
Installation of metal tilessq. m.300
Installation of natural tilessq. m.350
Installation of profiled sheetingsq. m.250
Roofing application in 1 layersq. m.200
Roofing application in 2 layerssq. m.350
Installation of sheet roof with double weltsq. m.1200
Laying of insulationsq. m. from 150
Waterproofingsq. m.150
Vapor sealingsq. m.150
Installation of liningsq. m.150
Installation of diffusion membranesq. m.150
Roof boardingsq. m.from 200
Installation of the rafter systemsq. mfrom 800
Installation of the roof ridgerm300
Installation of a Dormer windowpcsfrom 5000
Dismantling of the rafter systemsq. m.200
Dismantling of the roof boardingsq. m.100
Dismantling of the roofingsq. m.100
Installation of the weather vanepcs3000
Installation of snow barriersrm350
Installation of roof railingsrm450
Installation of electrical anti-icing system on the roofsq. be agreed
Installation of the lightning protectionrm300
Cleaning of the gutter trunksrm250

The listed prices are relevant if the total order value makes up more than 30000 rubles excluding taxes.

The minimum cost of an on-site working visit - 4000 rubles.

The cost of an inspection visit: within St. Petersburg - from 0 to 1000 rubles, in Leningrad region - from 1000 rubles. Following the inspection, you will receive the report in electronic form.


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